ELEMENTS software was “created by users for users” of mechanical refrigeration facilities in British Columbia.  Jason Schwarz, Co-Owner of Modern Energy Management Ltd., had been working in the industry for 15 years and relied on a combination of software from different providers forming an equipment management solution that soon became too complicated, limiting, and inconvenient. In 2016, he decided to build a solution from the ground up that would meet the precise requirements and demands of the industry.  Working together with facility managers, operators, safety officers, and other contractors he created ELEMENTS.

EL (for Electronic Logbooks) is the first element of a series of software modules that together form a powerful solution to replace traditional paper logbooks, provide excellent data readability, automatic timestamp and backups, secure dual authentication, e‐signature, convenient data processing, filtering, and searching tools.  The other modules EM (for Equipment Management), EN (for Event Notifications) and TS (for Training & Safety) will be introduced in the upcoming facility2facility issues.
ELEMENTS software has been approved by the BC Safety Authority and is now in use by clients who testify how they benefit from the software in many ways and enjoy being part of a vision that advances the industry all together. 

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